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Our Mission Is To Make Self Sustainable Food Production Accessible to Every Home, Regardless of Size & Space

Tiny Farmers

Are you ready to depend on YOURSELF for nutrient dense vegetables from your own microfarm? Did you know you can feed an entire family with just a corner of your patio, porch or the corner of your kitchen? You can. Our Tiny Farmers do it on the daily. Join us.

Why Tiny Farming?

Because regaining sovereignty over our food supply in the world is now paramount for our survival. Our chaotic times are showing us just how vulnerable our dinner tables are to global disruptions. Simply put, the industrialized food supply chains we’ve been relying on for sustenance are breaking down. Fast. We're inviting you to join our Tiny Farm Movement and make some simple changes to your living space to accommodate growing your own food. Start small. Grow big.

Tiny Farming is more than just gardening. Tiny Farming is about sustenance. Sustainability. Local food production. Supporting our communities with fresh food. Filling our bodies full of nutrient-dense food that is organic and fresh. Tiny Farming is a Tower to Table movement that allows you to harvest your dinner directly from your porch.
Can I get a "Hell YES!!!"

Tiny Farming allows you to always have fresh produce, no matter what is happening in the world around you.
The Tiny Farming Movement is about securing access to nutritious food. Period.

Ready To Join Us?

Scroll down to see our Tiny Farms in action. Click the buttons at the bottom of the page to join our movement.

We Are Tiny Farmers.

We're on a mission. Our Tiny Farmers are here to build sustainable food meccas on their patios, decks, kitchen corners or backyards. Take a minute to scroll check out these pictures from our community of Tiny Farmers.

We empower individuals to grow their own sustenance. We're also building a team of Tiny Farmers around the globe who are seeking to build a robust food supply as well as a sustaining source of income. We're on a mission to make our communities secure and sustainable in a multitude of ways. Please scroll down and reach out to learn more and join our movement!

Become a Tiny Farmer

Simply fill this form to start your Tiny Farmer journey. One of our farmers will reach our ASAP to talk about what's possible. Or, click this button and join our free Tiny Farm Movement community.

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